9 Best Activites in Dubai for Families - Family Traveller (USA)

Discover everything from camels to contemporary wonders and a very kid-centric way to explore this modern city full of superlatives.

Arabian Adventures

“First,” says my driver, “we need to deflate the tires so it’s easier to drive over the sand.” I peer over the endless dunes of the Arabian Desert. Less air in the tires, you say? I have some serious doubts about arriving to the dinner oasis where the belly dancers, camels and falcons I’ve been looking forward to since I arrived in the Emirate of Dubai are waiting, but my Arabian Adventures driver assures me that he is the VERY best guide for the desert adventure. Then he pulls up a photo of a shirtless Zac Efron standing in front of a sand dune, their arms around each other, mega smiles matching the mega dunes behind them. “He was here last month, and we had a great time!” Who am I to argue with the man who drove Zac? So off we go, flattened tires on our Jeep and all, and set off in a caravan of cars to reach our desert safari.

The ride truly was an adventure in itself, “bashing” up and down the dunes as whole Jeep of visitors screamed, adrenaline pumping as we reached the top of the sand dune and then screeched down. Momentarily holding my breath while we stalled on top, safely knowing I was on the biggest dune, with the best driver, in the most over-the-top location in the world.