London’s most quirky (and seriously cool!) museums London’s most quirky (and seriously cool!) museums


(C) UCL Grant Museum/ Matt Clayton

The Grant Museum of Zoology, Fitzrovia

Perfect for the science-mad but not the squeamish, the Grant museum of Zoology houses a whopping 68,000 specimens that span the whole of the animal kingdom. Only 7% of the collection is on display but this is more than enough for budding biologists. Visitors can check out a gargantuan elephant skull, a drawer of extinct Dodo bones and even jars of tiny creatures such as moles. Glass models of jellyfish add a touch of beauty to the collection, as do the sculptures through which science and art collide, such as the anaconda skeleton wrapped around a tree branch. The museum is home to a collection of bisected heads and brains, so it is perhaps best for older children with a strong stomach!

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