Top Things to See and Do in Lisbon with Kids

30th January 2018

Lisbon is known for its fantastic weather and the friendliness of the locals: generally, everybody is willing to help you, especially if you bring the kids!

Plus, the city has a rich cultural history. You can see many monuments, traditional and historic places but also have access to the most up-to-date family-oriented facilities. In Lisbon you can find history and modernity immersed in a vibrant and multicultural city.

Here are some suggestions that will make the best and the most of your family visit.

Visit a Local Market and Try the Local Gastronomy

Lisbon’s cuisine is Mediterranean based, thus it is rich in fish, vegetables and olive oil: a true definition of healthy food, which you can easily find in local markets. Although restaurants offer simple menus for children and vegetables soup is always available, make sure you and the kids try some of the most common local dishes like bacalhau (locals say there are 365 different recipes to cook cod fish), grilled fish (in general, every fresh fish is good, but during summer make sure you try grilled sardines) and rice. Indeed, the Portuguese are the largest consumers of rice in Europe, which means that together with the cod and the grilled fish, most restaurant menus will include some rice specialties such as arroz de polvo (octopus rice), arroz de pato (duck rice) or arroz de marisco (with a variety of seafood). When, you visit the city you should also indulge in local pastries. The traditional custard tarts (pastéis de nata) are available at every café and are not to be missed.

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