An Insider's Guide to Hidden Iceland


Serene nature, majestic wildlife, moving glaciers, active volcanoes and natural hot pools – in Iceland, there’s something to please all tastes. Hidden Iceland was created to ensure that families can enjoy all these moments and discover lesser-explored parts of the country in a safe and friendly environment. Only the most knowledgeable and passionate guides create a memorable experience for your family's Iceland tour.

Moving Glaciers

Hiking on a moving glacier is an unrivaled experience, especially when you can enjoy it with the whole family. There’s something quite humbling knowing that the ice you are walking on – with its towering ice sculptures, deep crevasses and distant ice avalanches – will be different the very next day. With climate change especially affecting glaciers, time is running out to see these natural phenomena up close and personal.

Hidden Iceland’s glacier hikes are created for first timers with only moderate fitness levels needed (10 years and older). Experience glacier hikes on the Fire and Ice one-day trip or the two-day glacier lagoon overnight excursion.

Active Volcanoes

Learning about Iceland’s volcanic past (and present, in some cases) can be just the right mix of adventure and education. Spend the morning in a volcanic museum constructed around a building buried in volcanic rock and learn about the world’s largest successful attempt to curb the flow of lava. Then hike up to the top of the newly formed volcanic crater, Eldfell (fire mountain), and peer down at the town that won a battle with nature.

The trip to the Volcanic Westman Islands is considered easy for the short hike up to the top of the volcano (8 years and older). It’s often coupled with the Reykjanes day trip which takes you into an underground lava tunnel.

Hot Pools and Shifting Tectonic Plates

With this eternal heat source deep underground, the local villages of Flúðir and Reykholt realized that they could socialize in the country’s oldest natural hot pool (Secret Lagoon) or create sophisticated geothermal greenhouses that grow tomatoes (Friðheimer). Those serene moments paired with regularly erupting geysers and an area of land pulled apart at the seams to allow Iceland to keep expanding year after year, create a relaxing day.

The Golden Circle: Platinum Edition is the best way to see the hot pools and witness the shifting tectonic plates. The tour has a minimum age of eight, though many people with younger children opt for a private trip (with no minimum age) to these sites.

Nature and the Locals

The island of the Vikings, Iceland has been so isolated for the last 1,000 years that the language is virtually unchanged, and many of the locals still live and work in the places of their ancestors. When you’re travelling around the country, seek lodging that will give you an immersive experience. With Hidden Iceland, you can find a local farm hotel where you can help tend to the baby lambs after breakfast, or sleep in a guest house nestled between glacier-scarred mountains deep into the untamed wilderness of the West Fjords.

Hidden Iceland provides tours ranging from day trips to 10-day excursions, helping travelers explore the island, go off the beaten path and discover the magic of Iceland. To book a standard tour or private trip for your family, visit

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