7 Places to Visit Before They Disappear

Natalie Gomez
3rd September 2015

Underwater view of the great barrier reef

1/7  The Great Barrier Reef

Why is it disappearing?

Tragically, time is running out for Australia’s Iconic Great Barrier Reef. Climate change, combined with water pollution and coral’s slow growth is a nightmare recipe for the reef. What took 8,000 years for nature to create could disappear within our lifetimes and marine scientists have said that climate change could cause irreversible damage by 2030 if action isnt taken soon.

Why go?

Australia has lots to offer, but the Great Barrier Reef is up there with the best of the country’s must-sees. It’s the largest coral reef in the world, with views that need to be seen with your own eyes. In short, it’s one of the world’s seven natural wonders for a reason.

Why is it great for kids?

If the little ones love Finding Nemo as much as we do, then they’re in for a treat. Let them dive into the world of their favourite film, as they spot the tropical fish that inhabit the reef.

There are so many activities on offer for families; vising the turtles at Townsville Reef HQ-a sanctuary for turtles, getting close to stingrays at Dreamland Island or taking an extended cruise around the whole reef.

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