Family Vacations to Turks and Caicos

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Turks and Caicos – Family Vacation Guide

The paradise of 40 islands that make up Turks & Caicos sits in the Caribbean to the south east of the Bahamas. Beautiful sandy beaches and endless summer sun will have your family smiling all vacation long.

The first cars didn’t appear on the Providenciales until 1964, meaning getting around by donkey isn’t uncommon on Grand Turk. Apart from these two holiday isles, the rest of this lovely country is undeveloped and wonderfully unspoiled – avoid the cruise ship side of Grand Turk and you can easily still feel like you’re in the early 19 century.

You won’t find theme parks to fill a family holiday here. Wild adventure and the world’s most beautiful beaches will fill all your time.

Why Go

  • Best Beach

    Grace Bay is officially the world’s best beach and you’ll find it on Providenciales.

  • Climate

    A dry, tropical climate with year-round sunshine and temperatures in December and January between 70 and 75˚F rising to 90˚F in hot July.

  • Outdoor Acitivities

    Providenciales has 17 official beaches ranging from the powdery white sands of Grace Bay to pelican-friendly, West Harbour Bluff. It’s perfect for caves and rock carvings. Turks and Caicos has over 65 miles of coral reef barrier and is considered to be one of the world’s best diving destinations. There are endless other activities for kids.

  • Parks

    There are three national parks on Providenciales: Princess Alexandra – best for beaches; Chalk Sound – beautiful lagoons and tiny islets to explore; and Northwest Point – wild seas, rugged cliffs and fantastic bird watching.

  • Golf

    Provo Golf Club’s 18-hole course ranks in the Caribbean’s top 10.

  • Resort Life

    Providenciales specializes in all-inclusive family beach resorts and Grand Turk is the island for charming Colonial hotels and beach-side apartments.

Where to Go


The holiday capital of Turks and Caicos, Providenciales is the place for big beaches and luxurious family resorts. With three national parks, several marine and nature reserves, acres of coast and a laid-back, beachy atmosphere, it’s the perfect island for adventurous kids. Award-winning dive schools teach children as young as six. Horse riding on the beach, dolphin spotting and snorkeling are much more fun than white-knuckle action. Kids can try all sorts of water sports for the first time in safe, calm waters. Then there are days out eco-touring, island hopping, caving, iguana watching and exploring – very little is off-limits to kids.

  • Many family resorts have their own waterparks and a wide choice of kids-only activities.
  • Providenciales is only 38 square miles, but has everything from limestone cliffs to lagoons for adventuring around.
  • The island’s main industry is tourism and high quality local operators offer everything from paddle boarding tours to boat charters.
  • Providenciales International is Turks and Caicos’ main airport and where most visitors arrive.
  • Don’t miss: Grace Bay, Cheshire Hall Cotton Plantation, Caicos Conch Farm (the only one in the world), Sapodilla Bay rock carvings and Iguana Island.
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Grace Bay

Protected by a barrier reef just over a mile offshore and covered in powdery fine seashell-sand, Grace Bay has been voted World’s Best Beach many times over. It’s on the northeast coast of Providenciales, beautifully sheltered and stretches to between 3 and 7 miles (depending on which local you believe).

  • Technically 3 miles long, Grace Bay seamlessly joins several other equally lovely beaches and covers about 12km in total.
  • Part of the Princess Alexandra National Park.
  • Not the island’s best snorkelling beach but great for water sports, sails to the reef and safe swimming.
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Grand Turk

The capital of Turks and Caicos is a mecca for divers and a brief stop for most Caribbean cruises. Apart from that small flurry of activity this is a gorgeously sleepy island known best for serene beaches, lovely Colonial architecture, free-roaming donkeys and Creole traditions.

  • Best for experienced divers, young children and independent travelling families.
  • Pretty 19th century hotels, beachfront guesthouses and cute self-catering are Grand Turk specialities.
  • Don’t miss: the Turks and Caicos National Museum, delightful Cockburn Town, Governor’s Beach, Gibbs Cay for the stingrays, North Creek marine reserve and Grand Turk lighthouse.
  • Fantastic island for complete beginners to try reef diving.
  • Winter whale spotting off the coast of Grand Turk is the best in the country.
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What to Do

  • Eco Adventures, Providenciales
    From paddle-boarding tours round the cays to national park adventures, eco-tours in and around Turks and Caicos are better than theme parks any day.
  • Princess Alexandra National Park, Providenciales
    Providenciales is well protected with three national parks. This is the largest, home to Grace Bay and a wonderland for nature loving kids.
  • Chalk Sound National Park, Providenciales
    Beautiful lagoon studded with tiny green islets to the south west of the island, great for kayaking.
  • Simth’s Reef Snorkelling, Providenciales
    Fascinating sea creatures and warm, transparent Caribbean waters make Providenciales a natural for young snorkelers. This is one of the most rewarding areas.
  • Little Water Cay Iguana Sanctuary, Providenciales
    Iguanas were once all over Turks & Caicos now they’re rare and well-protected on Little Water Cay, known as Iguana Island.
  • Provo Ponies Providenciales
    Horse riding on pure white sands and all the way into the water is unforgettable for kids and a Providenciales holiday must-do.
  • Coral Reef Tours Providenciales
    Providenciales is famous for the pristine coral reef just about a kilometre off-shore. Glass-bottom boat tours are magical for children.
  • Whale Watching, Grand Turk
    You can only see whales in winter off Grand Turk, but that’s the best time to visit the Caribbean anyway so you’re in luck.
  • Diving, Grand Turk
    Turk and Caicos is a legend with serious divers, rated in the world’s top ten for sites and amazingly rewarding, even for beginners.
  • Day Trip to North and Middle Caicos, Providenciales
    Only Providenciales and Grand Turk are holiday islands but visiting the other, wilder and very exciting parts of this wonderful archipelago is unforgettable and very easy.

Educational Value for Kids

  • Providenciales is water sport heaven and kids can learn everything from paddle boarding to diving here.
  • Tours and day trips to nature reserves and national parks are very child-friendly in Providenciales.
  • Some of the Caribbean’s most pristine coral reefs surround Turks and Caicos and they’re easy to enjoy on short sails from Providenciales.
  • From iguanas to clams, there are small, friendly and fascinating nature conservancies all over Providenciales aimed at teaching kids about conservation.
  • Turks and Caicos is renowned for incredible caves and tours are the greatest adventure with older children.
  • Donkeys are more common than cars on Grand Turk and traditional Caribbean culture is very much alive across other islands too.
  • From salt cays and windmills to plantations and lighthouses, historic Turks and Caicos is accessible and engaging for kids of all ages.

Getting Around

There’s very little public transport on Providenciales or Grand Turk and taxis are expensive. Renting a car is the best option if you want to see more than just your beach and resort. Bikes are another good way to get about and most island roads are quiet enough to cycle safely. Almost all hotels will arrange transport for day trips and island hopping. Ferries run from Providenciales to Middle and North Caicos and there are flights from Providenciales to Grand Turk.

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