Family Vacations to Grenada

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Grenada – Family Vacation Guide

If your family is seeking an authentic and pure Caribbean vacation, consider Grenada. This English-speaking nation is home to some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean, and the lush and hilly terrain visually welcomes visitors that arrive by land and sea.

Why Go

  • History

    Once under French and then British control, the country has been independent since 1974. Curious visitors can explore the history of the island, including a captivating course of events within its first decade free of British rule.

  • Culture

    The island’s diverse history helped shape its culture, which is a fusion of African, Indian and Caribbean heritage.

  • Culinary Delights

    Nicknamed the “Spice Island” due to the numerous nutmeg plantations on the island, you will also find craft chocolates and potent rums produced there.

  • Nature

    From white sand beaches to rain forests and waterfalls, outdoor families will love exploring here.

  • Safety

    Grenada is a place where kids can be kids – explore and play until the stars come out.

What to Do

This Caribbean country consists of three islands: the main island, also called Grenada, and two smaller islands, Petite Martinique and Carriacou. The main island, Grenada, is the most populated, is the largest of the island and houses the capital of St. George’s.


While visiting the island of Grenada, families can take full advantage of its natural beauty and variety of family-friendly activities. Whether you take an organized tour or venture out on your own, there are plenty of outdoor activity for families. The scenic shoreline, beautiful lakes and rugged trails will introduce you to creatures, flora and fauna that are natural inhabitants of the island.

  • The Grand Etang National Park cannot be missed, and be sure to stop by Seven Sisters Falls before viewing the Great Etang Lake – it is one of the most serene spots on the island.
  • If your family is more adventurous, go on a hiking tour and experience the Grenada High wire canopy obstacle course, which is located within the rain forest. You will witness some of Grenada’s most breath-taking views from its highest point.
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Whether you are a beach goer that prefers to snorkel or swim in calm water, Grenada has it all. There are several stretches of white sand beaches strewn about the island.

  • Many visitors soak up the sun on the famed Grand Anse Beach. This popular spot is lined with resorts and has been noted as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Often populated by both tourists and locals, you may encounter families having down time or students from St. George’s University taking a study break. If you are not staying along Grand Anse, families can take advantage of a day pass at a local hotel or resort. Properties like the Mount Cinnamon Hotel offer a day pass that includes use of their grounds, beach area, waters activities, a mini spa experience and a delicious lunch. The two-mile stretch of beach has calm waters for activities, but if you are looking for seclusion—this is not the place.
  • Beaches like La Sagesse, Bathway and Levera are better options to get away from it all, journey the island and explore the less populated areas.
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Grenada is a wonderful diving destination and, with the appropriate training, a family-friendly activity as well. There are underwater treasures unique to Grenada and many divers travel to the islands for the reefs, natural marine life and remnants of shipwrecks.

  • The largest ship wreck site in the Caribbean Sea, is the Bianca C, which sank in 1961. It is not a coral reef and considered a prize site for divers.
  • The most unique experience for divers coming to Grenada is the underwater sculpture garden.
  • Overall, there are more than 30 dive sites with visibility of 30 – 100 feet, which makes it ideal for divers of any level.
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Culinary Experiences

There are a number of culinary tours and cooking demonstrations available to visitors of the island. Learn about the spices that grow there or taste the various chocolates that are produced on the island. You can visit a factory or a local chocolatier.

  • Kids will love a visit to the House of Chocolate, where they can learn about the journey from “Bean To Bar” and then have a delicious treat from the café.
  • Dodgy Dock located at the True Blue Bay Resort has a Wednesday Night street food event that cannot be missed. Experience local Grenadian cuisine like the traditional dish “oil down” (a one pot dish with meat, dumplings, breadfruit, callaloo and other vegetables), share small plates of Trinidadian “doubles” (stuffed flatbread) and a variety of barbecue while listening to live music by singer Jefferson and his band.
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When to Go

Anytime is a great time for families with small or school-aged children to visit Grenada. The island has year-round temperatures of around 80 degrees. However, many choose to visit during the Carnival season, which is a blend of old and new traditions. If you are looking for a unique experience (especially if traveling with teens), the days-long celebration showcases Caribbean culture. From J’ouvert on the first Monday in August, “Jab Jab” revelers take to the street covered in oil. By Tuesday of the Carnival, the celebrations change to a bright and colorful one with elaborate costumes, music and dance performances. Grenada’s Caribbean flair is on full display for locals and visitors alike.

Getting Around

It’s easy to walk around St. George. Or, you can also take the bus, rent a car or hire a minivan for a tour. To get to the other islands, the ferry is a great option or you can take a super quick plane ride of roughly 15 minutes.

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