Why Bermuda in the Off-Season Is the Best Kept Secret for a Winter Getaway

18th February 2020

Head to Bermuda and you’ll find distinctive pink-sand beaches, the turquoise waters of the Sargasso Sea, pastel-colored mansions lining the streets and a unique blend of cultural influences, including British, West Indian, Portuguese and African. It’s no wonder then that this colorful island paradise is a hot spot for travelers. But unlike its Caribbean counterparts, Bermuda’s high season is the summer. That doesn’t mean it isn’t just as charming in the winter. In fact, Bermuda is an ideal escape during the cold-weather months. Here’s your ultimate travel guide to visiting Bermuda in the winter.

Why Visit Bermuda in the Winter

You’ll Beat the Crowds

Visiting Bermuda in the winter means you won’t have to deal with the crowds that flock there during the summer months. You won’t have to fight for cabana space at the hotel pools, you can pop into restaurants without needing reservations far in advance, and you might even get some of the secluded beaches all to yourself.

Get Better Bang for Your Buck

Bermuda isn’t cheap, and that’s especially true in the summer season. Winter offers the chance to score deals on everything from flights and hotels to tours and rentals. That means your vacation dollars can take you much further, whether that means you can opt for a bigger room at a more luxurious hotel or fit in extra bucket list activities.

It’s Still a Warm-Weather Escape

While it may not be in the high 80s like it is in the summer, December temperatures are still frequently in the 70s with plenty of sun. That makes Bermuda a great place to ditch dumps of snow and icy wind chills to warm up for a few days and snag some beach time.

It’s Closer Than You Think

Bermuda is way closer than you’re probably thinking. From major East Coast hubs like New York and Boston it’s a super short 2-hour flight, making it a super easy weekend getaway destination.

What to Do in Bermuda

Low-season in Bermuda still offers plenty of options for fun in the sun and beyond. Here’s what’s not to be missed.

Hit the Best Beaches

Like we said, the low season is the time when the beaches won’t be super packed. Take advantage of that even if it’s not hot enough out to spend all day in the water. Go for a stroll on the famous pink shores, dip your toes in the clear waters or just enjoy some peaceful relaxation time reading a good book and watching the waves roll in. Some of the most popular beaches include Elbow Beach, Horseshoe Bay Beach, West Whale Beach and Jobson’s Cove. Head to the more secluded Astwood Cove or scenic Somerset Long Bay for a chance to have a spot all to yourself. Astwood Cove even features picnic tables so you and the kids can enjoy lunch with a view.

Explore the Caves

If you do catch a day that’s not warm enough to hit the beach, head underground instead to witness one of Bermuda’s most magical settings. Crystal Cave and Fantasy Cave feature intricate stalactites hovering over sparkling waters along with frozen-in-stone waterfalls. The subtle lighting gives the caves an otherwordly feel. For a unique experience, you can even visit Grotto Bay Beach Resort’s Natura Spa for a massage inside a cave.

Wander in Hamilton

Stroll down Front Street in Hamilton, the island’s capital, and you’ll find brightly colored houses, local boutiques and trendy restaurants and coffee shops. Mom will definitely want to stop in at The Island Shop for colorful and cute home goods, while kids will delight in a visit to the nearby Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, which features hands-on exhibits including an Ocean Discovery Center and an inside look at how the Bermuda Triangle mystery came to be. Stop in at Devil’s Isle Cafe for a delicious breakfast or a quick coffee break. For dinner, make a reservation at Barracuda Grill. The food is excellent and the setting is upscale without being too fancy to bring the kids along.

Take a Tour

Whether you want to get out on the water or go on a jungle hike, there’s a tour that can take you. Take an island eco-tour with Hidden Gems, hit the waves on a jet ski with H2O Sports, go for a scenic horseback ride on the beach with Watson, or take in a sunset by boat with Castaway Charters. The options are endless.

Where to Stay in Bermuda

It doesn’t get much more idyllic than staying at the stylish Rosewood Bermuda. The coastal property features cinematic ocean views and plenty of activities to occupy guests, including multiple swimming pools, tennis courts, a golf course, access to a private pink-sand beach and an excellent kids’ club. Their elegant multi-bedroom suites and residences offer families plenty of space for relaxing. The property even has a special Family Time program that includes curated experiences like a Mom & Me Spa Day, family tennis programs, private kid-friendly cooking classes and transfers to and from the airport so your trip is as easy and memorable as possible.

How to Get Around in Bermuda

Cabs in Bermuda are notoriously expensive, but as a family it’s your best option. While moped scooters, Rugged Rentals and Twizys (small, electric cars) are all popular options, they aren’t ideal for families since they’re two-seaters and not necessarily super safe, so just budget in a little extra for cabs.

By Hannah Freedman

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