Why Chartering a Yacht Is the Ultimate Way to Experience Tahiti


It can be tempting to consider booking an all-inclusive travel package and just staying at one property for a family vacation. But when visiting The Islands of Tahiti, that's a mistake. Each of its 118 islands is a worthy destination, with unique landscapes and family activities, and a vacation to The Islands of Tahiti is best spent doing some island hopping to get the full experience. While you can take short flights between many of the islands, why not ditch the hassle of packing up multiple times, waiting at the airport and moving hotels? Instead, opt for a trip with Tahiti Yacht Charter and effortlessly sail throughout paradise. Here's why charting a yacht is the ultimate way to get around these islands.

You Can Do It All

Adrian Doze

You won't have to limit yourself to one island or even choose just a couple. You can pick from several routes offered by Tahiti Yacht Charter and discover multiple islands, including some more remote and less-touristed spots. Plus you'll have the advantage of being able to quickly go from exploring on land to exploring in the sea. Visit a pearl farm, hike through lush mountains landscapes and snorkel along a colorful coral reef — all in the same day. Not to mention that anytime you want to cool off with a quick dip or glide off on a paddleboard, it's as easy as hopping off the back of the boat.

Comfort Is Key

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These luxury boats and catamarans will have you sleeping like a baby as you're gently rocked into slumber each night by the sound of lapping waves. And there's nothing cramped about these quarters. There are plenty of options to choose from, most with multiple bedrooms, so you'll be able to find a boat with plenty of space to suit your family, whether it's just you and one kiddo or you want to bring the your whole extended crew on a multi-generational dream getaway. The boats and catamarans also come with comfy seating areas and full kitchens. And you can even have a chef onboard so you can savor fresh-caught fish without having to lift a finger. Nothing says "I'm on vacation" like sunning yourself in a hammock directly above crystal-clear waters as you glide out in the middle of the Pacific.

A Leisurely Pace

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One of the best parts of opting to explore with Tahiti Yacht Charter is the feeling of truly being on island time. You can be on-the-go without the frazzled feeling that comes from jumping between hotels every few nights. Unpack once and use all that extra time you won't need to spend commuting on planes and cars between islands and activities to just relax and spend quality family time together.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences

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There's something exceptional about watching stingrays dart through the water up-close under the soft glow of the boat lights. Or drifting away from any city lights so you can recline on the deck and see the Milky Way unfold before you as your eyes adjust to the dark. Or waking up and literally throwing open your hatch, pajamas still on, to catch a pastel sunrise in the middle of the ocean. Or paddleboarding to a private motu (island) and having the turquoise waters and the white sands all to yourself. These are just some of the ways exploring The Islands of Tahiti with a yacht charter makes for a singular vacation you can't get any other way.

It's More Affordable Than You Think

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Private cruises in the low season can start as low as $76 per person per night for a week-long itinerary. That means that a family of four could sail for $304 per day. While that doesn't qualify as cheap, it is more affordable per night than getting multiple hotel rooms or a suite for you and the kids at many hotels in the area. Plus, equipment for activities like paddleboarding and snorkeling is included, and your captain and crew is like having your own private guides to tell you about the culture and show you the favorite local spots.

By Hannah Freedman