Beyond Bora Bora: 6 Remote Islands in Tahiti Worthy of a Visit


2/6 Tikehau

The Tuamotu Islands are just a short flight from the main island of Tahiti, but they are totally off the grid. With calm bays and white sand beaches, life on an atoll is peaceful and serene — especially on the island of Tikehau. For families looking for room to stretch out, consider spending some time in one of the coral bungalows at Ninamu Resort, a rustic private island resort with only 10 bungalows. Here, you’ll wake up to the gentle lapping of the waves and can spend the day snorkeling on what will essentially be your own private beach, since the island has so few visitors.

If that sounds nice, but you hate the idea of going too long without a rush of adrenaline, make sure you book a tour of the islands with Denis Grosmaire of Tikehau Ocean Tour. In addition to boating around on the island and swimming with manta rays, dolphins and barracuda, you can also go swimming with tiger sharks — without a cage. With over 15 years of diving experience, Grosmaire and his trained guides will help you gather the confidence to jump into shark-inhabited waters and get a closer look at these commonly misunderstood creatures.

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