Paul J. Heney - Family Traveller (USA)

Paul J. Heney is an award-winning writer and avid world traveler. He has written extensively about family travel, green issues, cruises, and LGBT travel issues. He lives in suburban Cleveland with his partner and two sons, Joshua, 16, and Mathew, 10. Follow him on Twitter at @paulheney or Instagram at @paulheney.


What's your favorite vacation destination as a family? We love the National Parks and the beach!

What's your favorite vacation destination as a couple? Kauai's south shore.

Your first family vacation memory with your kids? Being so happy that my kids loved Muir Woods as much as I did.

What’s your kids favorite vacation? Glacier National Park.

What would you take on a desert island? A lounge chair and some suncreen.

What’s on your family vacation wish list? Australia and New Zealand!

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