Margalit Francus - Family Traveller (USA) Margalit Francus - Family Traveller (USA)

Born in Vienna, Austria, I have lived in London, Bucharest, Jerusalem and Los Angeles. Originally trained as a dentist, I am the founder of, and work as a family travel writer for other publications.


What's your favorite vacation destination as a family? In the U.S., we love New York City with all its landmarks and activities. Internationally, London is our favorite.

What's your favorite vacation destination as a couple? We got engaged on Maui on the very top of Haleakala so naturally it is close to our hearts.

Your first family vacation memory with your kids? When our boys were young, 3 and 5, we visited New York City during Christmas. Our older son, with autism, was mesmerized with the Saks Fifth Avenue moving window displays and wouldn’t leave the line for hours.

What’s your kids favorite vacation? In our family’s case, any vacation that involves thrill sports and food would be a favorite. A Caribbean cruise with skydiving, windsurfing and zip inning would top our list.

What would you take on a desert island? Now, that would be a hard one. I think after the initial shock of having no WiFi we would all enjoy swimming and exploring native fruit.

What’s on your family vacation wish list? Definitely seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland and a cruise to the Galapagos Islands.

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