Marie Waine - Family Traveller (USA) Marie Waine - Family Traveller (USA)

Marie joins the team after just completing her M.S. in Publishing from NYU and an editorial internship with the Woman’s Day test kitchen. Originally from Canada, Marie worked as an editor at Ottawa Life magazine and has contributed to multiple Canadian brands covering food, travel and health and wellness. Her latest passion is travelling around the U.S. to visit and eat her way through as many states as she can. Can you tell she loves food?


What's your favorite vacation destination? I recently did a three-week backpacking trip in New Zealand. The landscapes are so beautiful and lush and the people are so kind! It reminded me of being out west in Canada. Hiking and sleeping in tents all around the country gave me a better understanding and appreciation of nature. I was able to totally unplug and relax.

What's your first family vacation memory with your parents? Going on the Tower of Terror at Walt Disney World in Florida. It was an elevator that took you way up high, opened its doors to reveal a view of the park, and then dropped 13 stories. My dad kept teasing my brother and I that the elevator was going to break and we’d be stuck there forever. I was so scared!

What would you take on a desert island? A stack of books and a big bag of snacks!

What’s on your family vacation wish list? I would love to drive Route 1 in Iceland with my future family. It covers the perimeter of the country and has the most breathtaking views of glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes, and the ocean. I was able to drive about half of it one winter before I was turned around due to snow squalls. I think it’s important for kids to explore the outdoors and I want to finish that drive.

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