Julie Hostetter - Family Traveller (USA) Julie Hostetter - Family Traveller (USA)

Julie Hostetter is a freelance writer from Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks to her parents who inspired her love of travel from the backseat of station wagon, Julie has visited 46 states and more than 10 different countries and countless Caribbean islands. Beyond exploring this beautiful world, she enjoys photography and spending as much time as possible with her husband and two adorable daughters, Sienna, 7, and Violet, 18 months.


What's your favorite vacation destination as a family? We love our annual trip to the mountains of North Carolina.  It’s a wonderful destination to escape the hectic pace of the big city and reconnect with nature and each other.

What's your favorite vacation destination as a couple? My husband and I absolutely fell in love with Hawaii after an unforgettable vacation to Maui. The Hawaiian vibe is like no other, and the lush landscape, ocean adventures and amazing seafood swept us off our feet.

Your first family vacation memory with your kids? Our first family vacation memory would have to be Hilton Head Island for Spring Break. As long as I can remember, my parents, sister and I would head there for the school break, and we have continued that tradition now that my sister and I have kids of our own.

What’s your kids’ favorite vacation? My 7-year-old took her first Disney Cruise this summer and she was over the moon for Mickey! Disney always knows how to steal a kid’s heart.

What would you take on a desert island? A Hammock and a Pina Colada.

What’s on your family vacation wish list? As soon as my youngest daughter turns five, I would like to take our girls to Yellowstone National Park and explore Wyoming and Montana. That was the first trip I remember as a child, around the same age, and I was in love with the beauty and wild adventures we had as a family. I can’t wait to recreate that for my daughters.

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