Ashley Sepanski - Family Traveller (USA) Ashley Sepanski - Family Traveller (USA)

Ashley is a writer, traveler, and fitness enthusiast. She currently works as a web producer for O, The Oprah Magazine and A Toledoan living in the Hudson Valley, she spends her free time hiking trails with her dog, plotting her next adventure, and sampling pasta in all its forms.

What's your favorite vacation destination? Rome. No matter how many times you visit, the history, the romance and the endless platters of cacio e pepe never get old. There's something in the water there that makes you believe anything is possible.

Your first family vacation memory with your family? I come from a carpe diem kind of family and that gene kicks in early. One of my first vacation memories is dancing onstage during a concert at our Aruba hotel. My mom watched from the front row sipping a rum punch while I peacocked for the crowd and my dad took photos. I was three.

What was your favorite vacation as a kid?  A trip to Japan when I was eight. As a repeat visitor for work, my dad is fluent in Japanese and made sure we got to see all the under-the-radar sights. Aside from the unbelievable food and wonderfully kind people, my favorite memory is taking a Shinkansen (bullet train) to Toyohashi for a company picnic. We waded out into the Pacific during low tide with nets to catch fish that we then barbecued for lunch. Getting poked in the legs by giant fish while trying to catch them with local kids is definitely one of the highlights of my childhood.

What would you take on a desert island? Lip balm! I use it morning, noon and night.

What's on your vacation wish list? A camel ride through the Siq to Petra. History and natural wonders combine for what I imagine is a life-changing trip. That, and Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade is one of my favorite movies.


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