Amber Mamian - Family Traveller (USA) Amber Mamian - Family Traveller (USA)

Amber is a family travel expert and mother of 5 kids through both birth and adoption (ages 3, 10, 11, 12 and 14). Her travel writing has been featured in Lonely Planet, Huffington Post, Yahoo, TWIST Travel Magazine, and the TODAY Parenting Team blog. You can also follow her family's adventures on her website, Global Munchkins.


What's your favorite vacation destination as a family? This is a tough one because we have so many favorites. I would say it is a tie between Rome, Cancun, and Orlando.

What's your favorite vacation destination as a couple? Ubud, Bali stole our hearts. It is an absolutely magical place for couples and also very affordable once you are there.

Your first family vacation memory with your kids? Our first several family vacations were all to Disney World. We often say that Disney was our jumping off point to explore the real world.

What’s your kids favorite vacation? Hands down cruising is the vacation of choice for all 5 of our kids. The unlimited activities, food, and independence make it the perfect vacation for kids.

What would you take on a desert island? A deck of cards, tons of chocolate and my family. I think we could live off those supplies, chocolate being of the utmost importance for us.

What’s on your family vacation wish list? Austrailia and Canada top our family bucket list at the moment. The kids are country and continent collectors and we need both of these to help decorate our map at home.


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