Vacation Roundups

The Best Student Tours For Your Teens

Last updated 7th January 2018

Because every college experience is defined by an unforgettable international getaway, we’ve rounded up six of the most reliably fun, memorable, and safe student tours that are worth every penny.

Greek Island Hopper, STA Travel

Trip-goers spend 11 days exploring the iconic Greek islands of Athens, Santorini, Mykonos and more. From hiking through ancient ruins to wine tasting next to the ocean, you can expect a trip filled with sun and lots of good food. An ample amount of free time and optional activities lets students see the islands on their own terms. The tour ends with a toast to new friendships at a rooftop dinner overlooking the Acropolis.

English Literature Tours, Explorica

Literature and history buffs will love the educational-but-not-boring tours provided by Explorica. Participate in a Shakespearian workshop, check out the Globe Theatre, and explore the lands that bred writers like Oscar Wilde and W.B. Yeats on an English Lit tour. Or, for the Good Samaritans in your family, Explorica also offers a list of “Make a Difference” tours that marry volunteer work with vacation activities in gorgeous locations around the world (check out the Sydney option, where students visit aboriginal tribes, volunteer at Port Stevens and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef).

South Africa Experience, ISV

Choose from two- or four-week programs that combine adventure travel and volunteering led by the International Student Volunteers tour company. In between snorkeling with dolphins and learning to surf, students volunteer in impoverished communities to build housing, lead children’s programs and assist in wildlife conservation. Additional activities include a barbecue and bonfire under the stars, sunset game drive, and elephant encounter.

Discover Spain: Game of Thrones Tour, AESU

Sign kids up for this eight-day adventure where students can practice their Spanish, dig in to sumptuous cultural fare, and see the incredible sights of Barcelona, Madrid and Granada all with a George R.R. Martin-approved twist. The tour begins in Madrid and Seville, where travelers sample authentic tapas, check out brilliant plazas and sprawling medieval palaces, and visit the small town of Osuna, where the Game of Thrones cast and crew called home during season five. A free day in Barcelona with an optional sailing trip wraps up the tour, so students have the opportunity to see the sights at their leisure before taking off for home the following day.

Iceland: Glaciers and Geysers, EF Tours

Round-the-clock daylight sets the tone for a six-day journey through the otherworldly landscapes of Iceland. Hiking, geology excursions and museum visits are the main activities on the lineup, including national park visits and treks to ethereal waterfalls. After a lesson in geyser cooking, students end the trip with a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon—a sprawling geothermal spa where bathers take a dip in the ice-blue waters and rub mineral-rich mud on their faces thought to preserve youth and beauty.

Great Escape, AESU

For students who can’t decide where to go, this all-in-one, 24-day Great Escape Euro adventure might be your best option. Travelers spend three and a half weeks visiting Europe’s must-see destinations, from London and Paris to Germany and Austria to Venice, Rome and Greece. This grand tour includes museum visits, cultural dinners, river cruises and an end-of-trip toga party. In Germany, students dress up in miner’s clothes and literally slide down into the Berchtesgaden Salt Mines for an incredible underground viewing of the 500-year-old facility. After checking out the haunting ruins of Pompeii, travelers set sail on an overnight ship to Greece where incredible views, poolside hangouts and banana-boating await. With so many activities and sights to see, this trip is without a doubt the ultimate way to visit Europe.


Written by Ashley Sepanski