Florida is the Number One Destination Families Most Want to Visit - Family Traveller (USA)

In their annual US Family Travel Survey, the Family Travel Association gave a snapshot of the growing family travel market.

Some of the key findings included that the most popular vacation types for US families are visiting friends and family, theme parks and beach vacations. And as for the vacation types US families would most like to try for the first time, cruises and all-inclusive resorts topped the list.

The survey also asked families to select the US states they would most like to visit on a family vacation in the coming three years. The big winner? Florida!

It's comes as no surprise since Florida features everything from calm white-sand beaches to bustling cities full of culture to adventures like swimming with manatees. Who wouldn't want to experience all the Sunshine State has to offer. Not to mention that it's an ideal family destination year round.

Rounding out the top five states families most want to travel to were California, Hawaii, Colorado and New York.

Meanwhile, Europe topped the list for where US families want to visit abroad. Pizza, pasta, the tuscan sun and stunning art seem to be top of mind for families since Italy was named the international destination at the top of most family's bucket lists. Also in the top international destinations were France, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Bahamas and Mexico.

Another interesting finding of the survey was that families seek out three important factors when booking accommodations: great value for their budget, free wifi and amenities for children. Considering activities for kids made the top three for considerations when booking, it's no wonder resorts and hotels are building out better and more exciting kids' clubs than ever before.

No matter where parents and kids are headed, one thing is for sure: Family travel is still on the rise. A whopping 79 percent of the respondents were either "very likely" or "likely" to travel with their children in the next two years. And that's a fact we love!

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