Travel Tips

What to Keep in the Travel First Aid Kit

Last updated 16th October 2017

First aid kits for family vacations are essential for whether you’re travelling with toddlers or teens. Here’s what should be in yours.

First and essentials

Travel or motion sickness pills or pressure bands are essential for long journeys especially for those with a more delicate stomach.

No travel bag is complete without gallons of Infant Tylenol and ibuprofen.

In case of fever, a digital ear thermometer is handy and can give quick clear readings in any light.

Pre-packed cotton wool or a roll of bandage.

Eyebrow tweezers can double up as splinter removers.

Antiseptic spray or wipes will soothe a grazed knee.

Band aids will help with any scrapes or cuts.

Going somewhere hot

Plenty of insect repellent.

Hydrocortisone cream takes the itch out of mosquito bites.

Infant antihistamines will stall the onset of hay fever and take the sting out of heat rash.

Sunscreen is of course a given.

A tube of aloe vera cooling gel can soothe any extra soreness from an afternoon in the sun.

Imodium for kids and a couple of rehydration packets such as powdered Gatorado can help with dehydration.


For cooler climates

Cold and flu remedies.

Cough medicine.

Small packets of tissues to send them off to ski school with.