Best Snacks for Flights

Natalie Gomez
16th June 2015

Avoid an awkward stand-off at security with our pick of flight-friendly snacks to keep your kids happy.


No pastes, creams, jellies, soups or syrups are allowed through security. So leave the hummus behind! While homemade sandwiches may sometimes be allowed through, pies and pastries can require additional screening.

If you do opt to make your own sandwiches, use crusty bread (a baguette or focaccia for example) and fillings that won’t get soggy while you’re travelling, such as ham, salami and cheese.



Like diapers, always pack more than you need in case of flight delays and fractious little ones.

As we all know, flying with young children requires an armory of distractions, and many of these come in the form of food.

Also keep in mind the liquid limitations on flights (nothing over 3.4oz) when it comes to taking food on flights.



In the case of flight delays, tiny boxes of raisins, mini-bags of pretzels and rice cakes will be your best friends.



Keep a stash of cheese crackers – these are perfect for keeping quiet a grumpy pre-teen. Dried fruit and breakfast bars can be a great back-up too.



Chopped carrots, cucumber or cherry tomatoes won’t make children as thirsty as other salter snacks, thus lessening the bathroom trips – always a bonus.



Not only are sweets a good distraction during take-off and landing, but sucking on candy helps little ears to pop and can prevent any unnecessary discomfort.

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