20 of Our Favorite Family Travel Photos from 2018 - Family Traveller (USA)

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Here are just a few of our favorite photos we featured this year that made us want to grab the kids, pack our bags and travel to the next far-flung destination.

We're pretty sure it doesn't get any cuter than this photo from @darelist.family. The early morning light, stunning backdrop at Yosemite National Park and this cute outfit make this a #win.

A family photo doesn't haven't to be perfect to be great. @davidavidavid proves that with this fabulous outtake that captures what travel with kids is often *really* like.

This epic Iceland waterfall background makes this sweet family photo a dramatic capture. @thewaltonadventure kicked our wanderlust into high gear.

Sister bonding goals from @topflightfamily. There is nothing better than a boardwalk during the summer.

This daring photo by @livan.round.oz certainly got our adrenaline pumping. We were all tricked into thinking this was a dangerous photo op, but it turns out there's a ledge just below his feet. Phew!

This stunning sunset photo by @summerofseventyfive became our Escape Issue cover. We were inspired to pack up all of our belongings and hit the road as part of the #vanlife movement.

This photo by @everchanginghorizon makes us want to dive right into that ultra clear, blue water. And who doesn't consider their pup part of the family?

The @familytraveller team had a blast in the British Virgin Islands as part of our #BuiltintheBVI campaign. This drone footage gave viewers a sneak peek at our amazing fashion shoot.

Bela the baby captured our hearts with this insanely cute princess outfit for the ultimate Disney photo by @umabelaaventura.

Speaking of cute babies. It doesn't get cuter or cozier than bundling up in a onesie for a nap high in the mountains like @moonmountainlife.

We give this photo, this hotel and this fun-loving travel vibe two big thumbs up. @thejetsettingfamily nailed this split view pic.

Sometimes dad just needs a nap. We couldn't relate more to this photo by @thedanziglife of a lazy day at the beach.

We'd trek up all those steps too for a view this good! @oatoasta put Japan firmly at the top of our bucket list.

This incredible underwater shot by @_hollywinkle really took our breath away. Pun intended.

A warm fire, s'mores and making unforgettable family memories is our kind of day. @campfiresandkids captured it perfectly.

This beautiful sunrise capture by @localpassportfamily embodies the beauty of introducing kids to amazing places like Angkor Wat.

An infinity pool one of the best views in Vietnam? Sign us up! A gorgeous capture by @getawaywithkids.

We'd like to join @mumpacktravel and float all day in one of these glass-bottom kayaks on water this blue.

Breakfast. With. Giraffes. This photo by @travelbabbo cemented Giraffe Manor as a must-see hotel.

This adorable photo by @thetravelingchild proves it's easy to fit in with the locals.

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