7 Teen-Tested Museums

20th October 2017

As the notoriously hard to please members of your vacation crew, it can get overwhelming trying to find activities the whole family can enjoy when you have teenagers in tow. Here, we’ve selected seven of the quirkiest, most eye-catching, and interactive museums that are perfect for the young adults in your life.

Museum of Ice Cream, San Francisco

While this popup exhibit doesn’t quite fit the typical definition of a museum, it’s a visual explosion of crazy, interactive ice cream-themed attractions that will definitely catch your teen’s attention. Swing on an ice cream sandwich-shaped swing, dive into a pool of sprinkles and try one (or all) of the available ice cream samples on hand. Wrap up the visit with plenty of prime Instagram photo-ops (think giant gummy bears and melting popsicles sticking out of the walls) that your kids will be bragging about for weeks to come.

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