Must-Know Safety Tips For Traveling With a Baby

Last updated 28th March 2019

Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to give up traveling. But it does mean you have to put some extra thought into planning your trips. And safety for your family is probably at the top of your priority list. Here are a few helpful tips for a safe travel experience with your baby.

Cribs Are Key

Sixty-five percent of parents with children under age two believe it’s important for a hotel or vacation rental to have a full-size crib so their baby can sleep more safely. Before packing up a portable crib for your travels, check with hotels in your destination to see what they have available for guests to use. Many hotels are starting to provide services like having a crib available upon request.

Inquire about Safety Measures

According to recent studies, most parents would like to see electrical outlet covers available at hotels and vacation rentals, and more than half would like highchairs. Other top safety-related items many parents would like available include cabinet locks, safety gates and bed rails. Reach out to hotels and see what safety measures they have in place (or can set up) for families with infants and young children.

Parents want other supports available for their families when staying in hotels/vacation rentals too, including air quality monitors for carbon monoxide & radon gas, information about the nearest hospital & emergency room, a drinking water filtration system and information about the cleaning products used on the premises.

Rent Baby Gear from Your Hotel

Ninety-two percent of parents would rent a “safer baby” hotel room — one equipped with baby gear to help their child sleep and play more safely — if it was available to them.

Ask hotels you are considering about baby gear that’s available to rent or borrow so you don’t have to pack everything and can travel light.

By Trish McDermott