10 Tips for Traveling with a Child

Last updated 25th January 2018

Heading on vacation with an infant? Here are 10 smart tips from Avis to keep in mind.

  • Carry on. Have everything you need with you before, during and after flight.
  • Bring white onesies.This applies to babies ages 1 to 6 months. Stock up on white onesies and don’t stress if you need to toss them when they get dirty.
  • Be smart about security. Carry the baby. Use your stroller as an extra set of hands to cart laptops, carry-on and other essentials through security. Take your time, so that you don’t get stressed. No napping before or through security. Have any liquid you need for the baby out and ready for inspection (liquids are allowed for babies).
  • Look for the stroller line. Ask a TSA worker if there’s a line designated for strollers. If not, most agents will let you go through the TSA PreCheck line or the first-class line.
  • If you’re bringing a car seat, don’t check it. If the plane isn’t full, some airlines will let you have an empty seat so that your baby can fly in their car seat.
  • Think about elevators. Many international destinations don’t require ramps or elevators. Check to make sure your hotel has an elevator and, if possible, check the dimensions of the elevator to make sure it will accommodate your stroller.
  • Bring entertainment. Have some movies or games downloaded to your smartphone or iPad before takeoff and use in case of a meltdown.
  • Be aware of your mindset. A baby will follow your mindset. If you’re happy and relaxed, the baby is more likely to follow.
  • Board early. Generally, you get to board a flight early if you have a baby or a child, so take advantage of this perk.
  • Rent a car. Most taxis do not have car seats, so renting a car makes life easy when you’re traveling with kids. Plus, you can keep your essentials in the car (stroller, snacks), making life that much easier.

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