10 Most Scenic Train Rides in the World - Family Traveller (USA)

There’s something magical about riding a train. Unlike car travel, there’s no navigating traffic or getting lost; you just sit back, relax and watch the sights unfold. 

Train travel is comfortable and entertaining, so getting there may be the best part of your family’s vacation. It’s largely hassle-free, with no lengthy airport security lines, no limits on the amount of liquids in your hand luggage and no cramped seats.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best train rides around the world, all with breathtaking views and plenty of room to roam. Consider one for your next family getaway.

1/10 Coast Starlight

Courtesy of Amtrak

Amtrak’s Coast Starlight travels from Seattle to Los Angeles. The journey showcases the camera-ready West Coast, including the towering peaks of the Cascade Range and Mount Shasta, lush forests, fertile valleys and rambling stretches of Pacific Ocean shoreline. The train goes through Portland, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay area and Santa Barbara, so there are plenty of big city sights to gaze upon.