Travel Gear for Toddlers

12th September 2017

Make traveling with your toddlers is a little easier with these must-have travel products.

Fly the Safe Skies

Kids fly free under two. Great. Kids don’t have seatbelts for turbulence. Not great. So, make traveling with your toddler a lot safer with the toddler Flight Vest from Baby B’Air. The comfortable vest attaches to your seatbelt, so if turbulence gets rough, or you doze off for a minute, your child doesn’t take a tumble. Can work for tour buses, as well.

Buy Now: Flight Vest Travel Harness

Jet Set in Style

The Baby Tula Navigator Baby Carrier is perfect for sprinting across the airport, thanks to its sturdy padded construction and adorable airplane and world map print. A perfect complement to your littlest jetsetter.

BuyNow: Tula Ergonomic Carrier – Navigator – Baby

Night, Night, Sleep Tight

Is your Toddler too big for those cramped hotel cribs but too little for the big bed. Then the AeroBed for Kids is just right for your little Goldilocks. The included pump inflates in under a minute and deflates in under 15 seconds and with the 4-inch high surround safety cushion, it’s comfy and cozy enough for even the Princess and Pea.

Buy Now: AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids

Rub a Dub

Do you dread giving your toddler a bath on vacation? Then try the Inflatable Froggie Bath Tub by Mommy’s Helper. The tub gives a soft, safe place to bathe your baby with a saddle horn to prevent sliding and allows your child to sit up safely and securely.

Buy Now: Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection, White/Green, 6-18 Months

Stroll with Ease

Are you looking for a stroller that is compact enough for overhead bins, comfortable to use for mom and toddler and is light as a feather? No, it’s not a fairy tale, it’s the GB Pockit Stroller. This amazing stroller has an ultra-compact two-way fold system (one that stands and the other tote size), can be pushed and steered with one hand, and weighs just 9.5 pounds. All right, not quite a feather, but it feels like it compared to other strollers.

Buy Now: Pockit Lightweight Stroller

Surfs Up

Heading to the beach, but don’t have room for all your kids swim vests? Then check out Aqua Leisure’s fabric-lined Inflatable Swim Vest. You’ll be able to relax around the pool a bit, your kids will appreciate bouncing around the water and your suitcase will be no worse for the wear.

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Lost and Found

One split second is all it takes for your little tyke to slip away unnoticed in the crowd. Luckily, there is something that can help you be quickly reunited. The Travel ID Bands by Kenson Kids provide six waterproof, durable and bilingual ID bracelets that will not tear or rip off, even in the ocean. For added safety, the child’s information is kept discreet inside the band to keep away from a stranger’s eyes. And since they are disposable, you can easily update a new band if your hotel or location changes.

Buy Now: Travel ID bands (25/package)

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