Watch Two Grown Men Act More Childish Than Your Toddler Over an Airplane Window Shade

Last updated 21st November 2019

It what has now become a viral video, two passengers engage in a full blown window shade war for over two minutes over whether the shade should be up or down. One passenger wants it up and continues to put it back up, even going so far as to use his arm as a block to try to keep it up. Meanwhile, the passenger who is filming the ridiculous struggle keeps reaching up to firmly shut the shade and continuously asks the other man to leave it down.

The video sparked controversy across the internet as travelers weighed in on airplane etiquette, who the window shade should really belong to, who should get control over whether it’s up or down and whether passengers even have a right to control their own window shades. Some passengers have pointed to times of being on a long-haul flight and having a pesky fellow passenger leave their window shade up when everyone else is trying to sleep. However, those on the other side have also been quick to highlight that some people with anxiety or who are prone to getting sick on planes sometimes need the shade up.

Watch the fight for the window shade yourself here:

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All windows were to be open for descent per this airline request, hence why dude in back had his open; not fake. 😳These. Are. Grown. Men. ✈️😂🙏🏼💁🏼‍♀️ • • • #passengershaming #windowwars #instagramaviation #comeflywithme #airlinelife #window #airplaneetiquette #frequentflyer #crewlife #plane #aviation #cabincrew #avgeek #cabincrewlife #flightattendant #flightattendantlife #stewardess #flightattendantproblems #travel #flightattendants #instapassport #aviationgeek #FAlife #airtravel #travelgram #traveltips #pilotlife #frequentflier

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As the caption on the video points out, there are also times when flight attendants specifically ask passengers to put all the shades up for takeoff and landing and it looks like this was one of those times, making the man filming clearly in the wrong here. Not to mention that you can clearly see in the video that the man filming actually has his own window shade up, making him wanting the other shade closed even more confusing. It’s pretty clear the man in the back filming is being the annoying one in this case, especially since at one point he even takes the scuffle to the next level saying, “don’t touch me, that’s [assault].”

What do you think? Are your toddlers and kids better behaved when flying than these two grown men?