Renaissance’s Private Island Experience

Last updated 2nd November 2017

While a visit to Aruba, the happiest island in the Caribbean, may be enough for most travelers, those looking for a notch above can enjoy an exclusive island visit when they elect to stay at Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. Guests of the hotel receive access to Renaissance Private Island, accessible from the hotel’s 8-minute water taxi from Renaissance Marina or Ocean Suites.

Renaissance Private Island is home to the family-friendly Iguana Beach, as well as the adult-exclusive Flamingo Beach, where Aruba’s seven wild flamingos live and wander. Guests can rent private waterfront beach cabanas as low as $150 for four people, which features butler service, beverages, hors d’oeuvres and water floats. The largest cabana, $300, even features a kids’ slide.

The private island is also home to weekly “Dinner Under the Stars” events, sunset DJ music lessons, beach tennis courts and recreation equipment, water and beach hammocks, Mangrove and Papagayo bars, and a breakfast menu from Papagayo’s restaurant. An old airplane wreck lays beneath the waves for prime snorkeling and diving.

Renaissance Aruba’s private island is the only one associated with the island. The resort’s continued advancements include plans to provide overnight stays on the island. To enjoy the private island, one must be a guest of Renaissance Aruba.

Written by Lissa Poirot