This Wellness Retreat Is Designed Just for Families

12th November 2019

Always wanted to try a wellness retreat, but turned off by the adults-only options? Now there’s a family wellness retreat designed for parents and their children to learn how to cope with the demands of today’s fast-paced, media-centric world. COMO Uma Canggu, a beachside resort in Bali, is launching its inaugural family wellness experience, “Finding Balance”, this November. Across four days, parents and kids—limited to ten families—will learn techniques to better deal with stress, think differently about the world, and nurture family relationships.

With the rise in mental health issues amongst children including anxiety, anger management issues, ADHD, and low self-esteem, COMO has developed this retreat, under its family-service brand, Play by COMO, for concerned parents looking for ways to help their children cope. Amidst the calm and nurturing surroundings of COMO Uma Canggu, family mentor Cheen Tan will teach techniques for mindfulness and will encourage children and parents to cultivate positive mental habits, self-compassion and gratitude. One area of focus looks at the world of constant stimulation and instant gratification bought about by digital media. The Finding Balance program provides methods and tools that help your children to learn how to self-regulate and find stability within a set of values to guide them through this constantly shifting world.

Fun-filled sessions will encourage all participants to cultivate positive mental habits, self-compassion and gratitude. In between sessions, you may choose to take it easy by the beach, fuel up with healthy culinary delights at the property’s restaurants, or enjoy a spectrum of activities, such as family yoga or surfing lessons.

Most of all, this wellness retreat provides families a space to disconnect from the outside world, talk and bond in the laid-back surroundings of the bohemian village on Bali’s south coast. For a few days, you can let the surf, sand and sunsets take you far away from the stresses of everyday life.


• Dates: November 22 to 25, 2019
• Price: From $2,468 for an adult-child pair in a Canggu Room; Supplement Fee of $630 for each additional adult and $330 for each additional childs
• Eligibility: The program will most benefit children nine years and older, though we would welcome younger accompanying siblings

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