Family Travel Continues to Rise, Says AAA - Family Traveller (USA)

The experts at AAA Travel just released its latest research showing family travel continues to be a "trend." Not that we parents thought we were trendy, but apparently 88 million of us plan to take a family vacation this year. (We are, are you?)

The newest cool thing we are doing, however, is traveling abroad with our kids -- 35% of us will be doing so in 2018. Where are we heading, according to AAA Travel? The Caribbean is the place with parents planning on travel to Cancun, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Europe rounds out the top five with Rome and Dublin becoming popular places to take the kids.

Other trends AAA Travel uncovered are, again, less a-ha moments for those of us with kids: We are taking three or four trips per year, looking for new destinations and experiences, and seeking places where we can rest and relax together.

The trusted travel brand went on to showcase its picks for top 5 family-friendly hotels in the country. Drum roll for No. 1... Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park hotel. (Specifically the Washington State location but Family Traveller thinks all Great Wolf Lodges across the country are on equal footing.) Castle in the Sand in Ocean City, Maryland, Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale, Arizona, C'mon Inn in Missoula, Montana, and Loews Sapphire Falls Resort in Orlando complete the list.