7 Times Celebrities Were Hilariously Real about the Struggle That Is Traveling with Kids - Family Traveller (USA)

Turns out celebrities really are just like us. At least when it comes to dealing with the struggle that is traveling with kids. These seven celebs keep it real and bring a little humor to the mishaps and headaches that inevitably happen when you're traveling with little ones in tow. Click through to see the humorous and relatable posts.

Chrissy Teigen on Trying to Take the Perfect Family Vacation Photo

The notoriously funny and real mom posted this hilarious family photo and we're sure most families can relate. We've all tried to get the ultimate Instagram family photo and ended up having to choose the least bad of several terrible options.

Selma Blair on Trying to Spend Quality Time Together Tech-Free

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My evenings. #fortnitemom #qualitytime 😬

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The famous actress snapped this funny photo of her kids being busy with their games and iPads. Every parents knows the struggle of trying to get kids to put away the gadgets and just enjoy being in the moment. She later posted another photo of her playing the popular game Fortnite with her kids with the caption "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

Busy Philipps on Letting Kids be Kids on Vacation

There is definitely such a thing as "vacation food." Giving into the begging and letting kids indulge in dressing themselves (or applying their own sunscreen) and eating a few snacks that might not be approved at home is definitely part of the travel fun.

Sean Lowe on the Joys of Bringing the Kids Along to Paradise

Reality TV star and funny dad Sean Lowe didn't hold back on this post. We're cracking up at his hilariously real take on how it feels sometimes bringing the tots along on what could have been a romantic beach getaway for two.

P!nk on Kids' Ability to Turn Anything Into a Personal Playground

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Total shit show 🤣

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No monkey bars are necessary for children to find a way to climb and play on anything and everything. Whether it's scurrying up a hotel luggage cart or turning the resort bed into a trampoline, there's never a dull moment with kids in tow.

Kelly Clarkson on Having a Lax Attitude at Hotels

And speaking of kids being able to find trouble just about anywhere, we love singer Kelly Clarkson's relaxed take on letting kids play. Hey, as long as things aren't being broken, why not let them have a little fun — it is a vacation after all!

Jenna Dewan on Relaxation Time Getting Interrupted

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Instagram vs. reality

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Jenna Dewan posted this beautiful and calm photo of her lounging in the pool. But click through to the next photo and you'll find a scene every parent can relate to — relaxation time being interrupted by the kids leaping into the mix.

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