The Best Places In South America to See the Total Solar Eclipse

These spots offer primetime viewing and tons of family fun for after the show.

If you count your crew among the solar eclipse chasers, grab your eclipse glasses and book those flights, because on July 2nd, the skies above the South Pacific Ocean, Chile and Argentina are going dark. For the best views, here are five amazing spots to check out within the 125-mile wide path of totality, where you can enjoy roughly 4 minutes of astronomical wonder. And no worries if you can’t swing the trip this time around — another eclipse will be flying over Chile and Argentina on December 14, 2020.

Ditch The City

You might think a bustling city only impacts lunar eclipses, but trust us when we say it’s worth it to head out into the wild for this one, too. Enjoy prime views of the sky unobstructed by looming skyscrapers at Camping y Balneario Municipal de Cortaderas in the San Luis province of Cuyo, Argentina. Or, go really remote on the Chilean Island of Pascua. At Camping Mihinoa you can expect off-the-grid cliffside camping right on the water’s edge.

Set Sail

The biggest bummer of this amazing solar event is that most of the path of totality happens to be over the ocean…miles away from any sort of land. So while you could spend a day at the beach, why not hop aboard the Pitcairn Islands Tourism seven-day eclipse cruise? You’ll island hop, go star gazing and have a prime seat for the main event.

Get Airborne

Arguably the best place to view an eclipse? The sky (so obvious, right?). That’s why Sky & Telescope has chartered a 2.5 hour flight departing from Santiago, Chile, that will soar right through the path of totality for a truly memorable viewing experience. Seats are going fast though — and, unfortunately, aren’t cheap at $5,500 a head — so grab a spot before they’re gone!

Grab A Drink

The Elqui Valley in Chile not only boasts some of the most beautiful stargazing in the world (not to mention it’s home to some of the largest telescopes on the planet), but the desert climate also produces delicious wine. Book a stay near Vina Falernia and uncork a bottle of Carménère to sip during the eclipse. Or, if you don’t mind a slightly shorter totality experience, check out the coastal towns of Coquimbo or La Serena, where you can pack in a family beach day before showtime.

Give Yourself A Boost

In all fairness, there’s always a chance of cloud cover on the big day, which is why setting up shop near the Andes could increase your odds of clear skies. The city of Rodeo in Argentina sits roughly 5,329 feet above sea level and falls directly within the path of totality. In addition to first class eclipse viewing, you can also expect gorgeous scenery and tons of cultural experiences your kids will remember for life.

By Ashley Sepanski