6 Unforgettable Museum Sleepovers

9th December 2017

If cuddling up next to a dinosaur or exploring a room filled with ancient Egyptian mummies by flashlight sparks your interest, these are the best museum sleepovers for you and the kids. With varying levels of adult participation, there are tons of options to find the perfect sleepover for your family.

The International Spy Museum, Washington, D.C.

Special spy “recruits” dive headfirst into the world of espionage at this hit sleepover held seasonally (summer, fall, spring). Kids will take on a new identity (complete with disguise), break codes, interrogate spies and track down enemy agents in an event-filled mission with a dramatic finale. Parents are given their own mission as well, so the action extends beyond typical chaperoning. After a night of investigating, enjoy a continental breakfast and take-home goodie bag.

Ages: 9-13.
Cost: $115 per person

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