Cruises for Kids: 7 Reasons Cruise Vacations are Made for Families

Amy Hopkins
15th September 2017

Think about the whole idea of cruises for a minute. Everything’s done for you. Everyone’s dedicated entirely to entertaining you. Transport’s organised to gorgeous places where you’re lovingly guided around. No one takes money for anything. And when socks aren’t being worked off to keep you happy, you’re plied with food, drinks and treats. Sound familiar? It should to most parents because that’s exactly what a child’s life is like. So it’s no surprise to find that cruises are the rising star in the family holiday heavens now. They are (unintentionally or not) made for kids.


1/7  Water Parks, Theme Parks, Playgrounds

Vast stretches of ocean aren’t that interesting to the average child and cruise companies know that only too well. So you won’t find a family-friendly vacation without at least one spectacular top-deck water park – if not several. The competition to be the biggest and best is only matched by the drive to pack in as much variety as possible. Norwegian Cruises are known for their highly decorated hulls and fantastic Aquaparks: extreme chutes and slides for older children and gentle splash around fun for under fives. They’re also the company for adventure parks populated with huge rock climbing walls, bungee trampolines, zip-lines, eye wateringly tall parcour circuits and a walk-the-plank (and come back again) experience for young mutineers.

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