5 Insider Packing Tips for a Cruise - Family Traveller (USA) 5 Insider Packing Tips for a Cruise - Family Traveller (USA)

Packing for a cruise can be tricky. You've got to think about ship time, potential excursions, formal night dinners and more. Sail straight through the stress with these top packing tips from our fashion editor, Mimi Lombardo.

Bring a Carry-On

Because your luggage will be boarding the ship before you do and there’s sure to be a wait until you meet up with it again, pack a backpack with everything you’re tyke needs while waiting to reconnect with your stuff.

Pack a Stroller

Even if your toddler isn’t regularly using a stroller anymore, it’s smart to bring one, since constantly walking the length of a big ship can be tiring for little legs.

Do Laundry

Check beforehand to see if your cruise line offers laundry so you can pack lighter.

Prep for Photos

Even if there isn’t a “formal night,” on your ship you may want to have kids pack dressier outfits for a family photo op with the ship’s professional photographer.

Pack It

Give each child their own backpack containing daily essentials for port-side trips. Little ones love the “big kid” responsibility of carrying their own belongings.