The Most Unique Beaches in the US - Family Traveller (USA)

Who doesn’t love a family day at the beach? There’s something special about frolicking in the waves, building sand castles and soaking up the sun. Nothing adds to the magic like a spectacular one-of-a-kind beach. Go beyond the typical shore day and have an extraordinary experience with your family at these unique beaches around the country.

1/10 Glass Beach

Fort Bragg, California

This gorgeous beach in northern California is blanketed in a rainbow of sea glass. The glass has been smoothed and shaped by the ocean waves over the last couple hundred years. This beach also features an outcropping of rocks and the tide pools. This is a terrific family destination for an afternoon of searching for sea critters and admiring the different hues of sea glass. Add this spot to your bucket list asap—there is less glass on this beach as time goes on.