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A Travel Blogger’s Best Advice for Helping Kids Avoid Jetlag

Last updated 9th May 2018

Nicola West is giving you her expert opinion, on what to do when your kids are experiencing jet lag.

Travelling to a different time zone can add a bit of confusion. So what do you suggest to do if children are showing signs of jetlag?


Try not to plan too much for the first days of your vacation. And if you can, avoid rushing back to work the day after you get home. It’s good to try and get out and about in daylight hours – sunshine really helps your body to adjust – even if it’s just to a café for some cake. In the first few days, your children will be hungry at odd times of the day, so be prepared for middle-of-the-night hunger pangs. Take snacks and little treats from home – they will be reassuringly familiar to small children and will help them to feel settled. Finally, don’t stress about it. If you go with the flow, things will fall into place sooner than you expect and it will be a more pleasant experience for everyone.

Nicola West