Spend Seven Nights in Seven Amazing Treehouse Hotels

We've found the ultimate adventure trip for families. Think your kids would love spending even one night sleeping above it all in a treehouse hotel? Really up the ante with this trip where you'll spend seven nights in seven different amazing treehouse hotels located throughout picturesque Sweden.

Travel experts Off the Map Travel have arranged an exclusive new “Seven Nights Seven Rooms” itinerary that is certain to wow adventures and architecture lovers of all ages. Spend an unforgettable week experiencing these seven singular accommodations, each notable for their distinctive design and placement. Each accommodation comes with activities and eating experiences linked to each room to round out your Arctic adventure.

On the trip, parents can indulge in multi-course meals with wine pairings, while kids and adults can learn about the local Sami culture, and experience all that the forest has to offer from foraging to soaking in the epic Northern Lights and the star-filled Arctic sky. Based out of Norther Sweden's iconic Treehotel in Lulea, Sweden this is one journey you'll never forget.

Take a look at these wanderlust-inducing treehouse hotels for yourself.

1/7 The Dragonfly

Starting in Lulea, Sweden, the first treehouse hotel is named thanks to its resemblance to an insect perched among the trees. Take in the dramatic views of the valley below while relaxing in the warm and wooden interiors. The evening activities feature an outdoor dinner by the Lule River.