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How does curated travel transform family vacations into unforgettable adventures?

Last updated 3rd January 2023

Scott Dunn Luxury Travel handcrafts exceptional family vacations using a highly-curated collection of hotels, guides, and experiences, customizing each trip precisely to individual families’ needs, interests and dreams.


Customize family vacations with activities to suit your kids

The travel experts at Scott Dunn live, breathe, eat, sleep and love travel. So naturally there isn’t a single corner of the globe they haven’t explored in depth. This first-hand experience is an invaluable resource when it comes to family trip planning. But it’s just one of many extraordinary advantages of crafting a vacation with Scott Dunn.

How does Scott Dunn Luxury Travel customize a once-in-a-lifetime family vacation?

Vacation time is incredibly precious.  That’s why one of the very first luxuries Scott Dunn Luxury Travel offers families is more time together. Everything is arranged for you, down to the smallest detail. So all you have to think about is making wonderful memories, living in the moment and doing what you want to do.

Of course, every family’s idea of a dream vacation is different, and the itineraries you’ll find on Scott Dunn’s destination pages are only the beginning. You may prefer villas to hotels or perhaps you like the idea of all-inclusive resorts. You may even want to add a wellness retreat into a family vacation with teenagers. The choice of accommodations offered by Scott Dunn covers all bases. Exceptional quality is a given from opulent tented camps on the Kalahari to private beach houses in the Caribbean. And you can always expect extraordinary luxury and superb service levels. Apart from those standards, everything else is specific to you, your kids and everyone’s dreams.

As experiential travel experts, Scott Dunn specialize in crafting vacation itineraries packed full of activities for kids. Plus, education is a valuable by-product of family travel, so you’ll find learning woven into many trips, from beach vacations in Crete to Costa Rican eco-adventures.


Scott Dunn Luxury Travel perfects family vacations

How does Scott Dunn Luxury Travel craft each family vacation?

Founded in 1986, Scott Dunn has over 35 years experience customizing vacations to fit individual families. The team combines a love of travel with deep personal knowledge. So wherever you want to go, a Scott Dunn expert with first-hand experience of your chosen destination is on hand to help.

Every vacation begins on a discovery call with your personal travel expert. There is no substitute for getting to know you and your kids and learning everyone’s likes and dislikes right from the start. Think of it like meeting a new friend – only this friend will ensure your family vacation is exactly as you want it, in every sense.

Browsing through their destination itineraries is a good foundation, but the ability to personalize your vacation is what makes traveling with Scott Dunn such a rewarding experience for families. So think big. Even the most ambitious African safari can be customized to the ages and stages of your kids. If you want to see the Northern Lights, you only have to ask. Is sleeping in a treehouse something you’ve always dreamed of doing? That too can be arranged, and not just for children.


Scott Dunn are experts in crafting customized family safaris

Whatever size and shape your family is, Scott Dunn will craft a vacation to fit perfectly

Families come in all shapes and sizes and Scott Dunn is as expert at arranging a mother and teenage daughter spa vacation as it is at organizing a complex multi-generational trip which includes grandparents, toddlers and teens.

The freedom to choose how you travel is another advantage of crafting a vacation with Scott Dunn. You may want to get from A to B as quickly as possible, but equally you might like the idea of incorporating local transport into your trip. Or why not do both? Almost anything is possible when you’re vacation planning with Scott Dunn.

The little things are where a lot of the magic of luxury travel comes to life, and at Scott Dunn even the smallest detail gets attention. Again, you only have to ask. But first of all, where would you like to go?


Scott Dunn Luxury Travel specializes in extraordinary family vacations in Asia

“Education” should be just another word for “fun” on a family vacation

A vacation with an educational twist is an inspired idea. Scott Dunn specializes in family adventures which mix learning with fun. Of course, it’s easier to learn in some destinations than others. Fortunately, Scott Dunn’s specialists are experts in choosing places that are natural teachers and then working with you to craft the perfect vacation there for your family.


Australia is a fantastic educational experience for kids

Australia makes every second of a vacation an education for kids

One of the world’s most diverse and fascinating countries, education in Australia can cover anything from coral conservation to learning how to surf on Bondi Beach.

Don’t be daunted by its size: Scott Dunn’s curated travel means you spend more time exploring and less time traveling. So if you want to visit Whitsunday Island and your teens are eager to see Whitehaven Beach, a private helicopter flight lets you do both, easily. A stop in Singapore not only breaks up your flight, it adds another fantastic city to the list.

Surfing on Bondi is unbelievable, but nothing compares to snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef or hiking through the otherworldly Daintree Rainforest. The expression ‘once in a lifetime’ could have been invented for Australia, and Scott Dunn’s customized itineraries make sure you experience this remarkable country your own way.

Discover learning that sticks on the Kalahari Desert in Botswana

Experiential learning is the kind that sticks with kids. That’s one of the reasons why traveling with your family is so rewarding. Scott Dunn has been crafting customized vacations for almost 40 years, so not only are they experts in even the most remote parts of the world, they also have fantastic connections.

Imagine your children spending time getting to know the San bushmen of the Kalahari. Picture them hanging out with meerkats and stargazing on the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. These are just a few of the adventures at San Camp in Botswana. An unforgettable vacation, carefully curated for families and completely open for you to add your own spin.


Educational vacations are extraordinary in the Galapagos Islands

Take junior zoologists to the Galapagos Islands with Scott Dunn Luxury Travel

The Galapagos are the ultimate classroom for young zoologists. Follow in the footsteps of Darwin and meet the rare and remarkable wildlife of these legendary islands. Then step out of the great man’s shadow and go snorkeling and kayaking in the clearest of seas.

Diving in the Galapagos is some of the world’s finest, so you can put that to the test too. And because mainland Ecuador is part of this adventure as well, your kids will experience the wonder of cloud forests and sleeping in luxury treehouses to make an already thrilling vacation possibly the most exciting one ever.


Iceland is a phenomenal learning experience for kids

Explore Viking legends and phenomenal glaciers in Iceland

Almost nowhere on earth matches Iceland for epic family vacations. Scott Dunn has explored this astonishing country in-depth and crafted adventures that are both action-packed and filled with phenomena. Itineraries built around the time of year and your kids’ ages can include anything from snowmobiling and glacier hiking to discovering cool Reykjavik with teens or gazing at the Northern Lights. It’s up to you what you want to do, working with Scott Dunn’s experts simply means you will get exactly what you want out of your Iceland vacation, along with insider recommendations for a truly remarkable trip.


Long Beach Lodge, Vancouver Island, Canada

Kids learn to surf with the best on Canada’s Vancouver Island

Learning to surf on Vancouver Island in Canada earns teenagers top bragging rights. Always in with the best people, Scott Dunn invites you to stay right on Cox Bay in luxurious but relaxed Long Beach Lodge. When kids aren’t catching waves at Long Beach Lodge Surf Club, the laid back and boho town of Tofino is just a few miles away.

You can also go coastal bear watching in a Zodiac dinghy on Clayoquot Sound, paddle cedar canoes to Meares Island or take a dip in thermal hot springs – another Clayoquot Sound phenomena. Alternatively, create a completely different itinerary of your own with the Canada experts at Scott Dunn Luxury Travel.

Explore more educational family vacations with Scott Dunn Luxury Travel


Craft your own family adventure in South Africa with Scott Dunn

Scott Dunn Luxury Travel takes families from the mountains of Rwanda to the beaches of Crete

Luxury vacations aren’t limited to grand resorts or paradise islands. In fact, some of the most exclusive trips Scott Dunn crafts are in off-the-beaten-track destinations. Though of course, stunning beach resorts and heavenly isles can certainly be incorporated, if that’s where your travel dreams lie.


A family vacation in Oman is made for adventure

Meet turtles and dune hike in the desert on fantastic adventures in Oman

Stray off-the-beaten track to Oman, traveling with experts who really understand this beautiful and progressive Middle Eastern country. A family vacation here is made for adventurers and gives older kids the chance to get active on dune hikes and camel trails in Wahiba Sands desert.

Between visits to a turtle conservation camp and tours of Oman’s historic forts, there’s plenty of learning subtly woven into the mix. Comparing old and new is all part of the fun too, with stays in the striking modern capital, Muscat, contrasting with a few nights in the ancient capital of Nizwa.

Trail the mountain gorillas of Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda

Virunga Massive in Rwanda is home to 50% of the world’s mountain gorilla population. For families with teens over 16 years old, go gorilla trekking with local guides in Volcanoes National Park for one of the most sought after experiences. This is an extraordinary destination to visit and the passionate Africa specialists at Scott Dunn craft fantastic family adventures in Rwanda.

Visit the grave of legendary conservationist Dian Fossey or spend time on Lake Kivu’s stunning inland beaches. At the end of every unforgettable day, come back to One&Only Gorilla’s Nest, your luxurious wellness retreat, tucked into the mountains of the Virunga Massive.


Plunge into an extraordinary eco-adventure in Costa Rica

Head to Costa Rica on an eco-adventure with beautiful beaches in the mix

Costa Rica is another once-in-a-lifetime family vacation that Scott Dunn has perfected down to the last detail.

This stunning country is one where local insight and expertise are essential to really get the most out of your stay. You can opt to be as active or relaxed as you want, and Scott Dunn offers families an incredible choice of experiences.

Even visiting hard-to-access wonders like the Osa Peninsula is made easy with carefully curated transport. And, because the travel experts you work with are parents too, they understand the importance of downtime with kids. So you can look forward to beaches as well as cloud forests, volcanoes and endless wildlife in your Costa Rican adventure.


Discover Crete with your kids through Scott Dunn Luxury Travel

Explore ancient, beachy and adventurous Greece on a luxury vacation in Crete

If it’s time to introduce kids to the wonders of Europe, Crete is a great start.

The largest and most southerly of the Greek Islands, it’s home to some of world’s loveliest beaches, as well as stunning mountains, authentic villages, great cities and remarkable ancient monuments.

A Scott Dunn vacation at Daios Cove sets you on the exclusive north east coast of Crete and cocoons you in luxury. Expect gorgeous, private Mediterranean beaches with incredible views. And don’t be shy about adding your own dreams to this vacation, anything is possible. Visit historic Heraklion and Chania, explore Minos or the Cave of Zeus and hike the Samaria Gorge. And nobody should leave Crete without sailing to Spinalonga Island, so sail over on a private yacht or speed boat for a sunny afternoon full of history and exploration.

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To enjoy all the benefits of a customized vacation, it’s important to plan ahead. Find out more by calling Scott Dunn Luxury Travel at (858) 523-9000. Or visit Scott Dunn Luxury Travel today for more information on your next journey.