Jane Anderson

Family Traveller magazine editor Jane Anderson has two children, Scarlett, 10, and Finlay 7. She met their dad Steve - a Trend Analyst and allotment grower - at Heathrow Airport en route to Grenada and they all live in Dulwich, London.     What's you favourite holiday destination as a…

Amy Hopkins

Digital Editor at Family Traveller, Amy is an experienced journalist, specialising in travel with babies and young children.

Benedict Smith

Benedict Smith is Digital Editor at Family Traveller. He is bilingual, having lived in South America and Spain, and once got chased by Highland Cows on the Isle of Mull.

Mariella Frostrup

Our contributing editor Mariella Frostrup is one of the most recognisable faces in British Journalism, thanks to her work in The Guardian, The Observer and the Mail on Sunday, and her many appearances on television and radio. A mother of two school-age children, she travels widely with her family; and,…

Holly Tuppen

Holly is a writer specialising in responsible travel. She loves sharing travel that leave the world in a better place. Favourite holiday memory "My fondest holiday memories are eating fish and chips, playing slot machines on rickety piers, making sand castles and rock-pooling on England's south coast."

Simon Reeve

Presenter of several BBC series including Australia and Pilgrimage, Simon’s current filming assignment takes him along the sacred rivers of the Ganges, Nile and Yangtze. He is married to Anya, a TV camerawoman and they have one son, Jake. What's your best family holiday? Symi in Greece for my last…

Jane Knight

Travel Editor of The Times, Jane is recognised as one of the best travel writers around and reports for Family Traveller with her son Christian.

Tracey Davies

Tracey Davies is a freelance journalist who lives with her estate agent husband in Brighton and their three children, Angus, 11 (26/2/2002) and eight-year-old identical twins, Nancy and Lola (17/11/2005). Tracey and Antony met while they were both travelling in the mid-90s and they bumped into each other when, as…

Sophie Butler

Sophie is a columnist and feature writer for The Sunday Telegraph, and writes regularly for Family Traveller.

Richard Hammond

‘Not the bloke off Top Gear’, Richard is the founder of greentraveller.co.uk, which features eco-friendly places to stay in Europe and adventure holidays that can be reached by train or ferry.

Harriet Green

The editor of The Guardian’s Family section, Harriet loves taking her daughter Nancy on her travels.

Dan Linstead

Currently editorial director at Immediate Media, Dan is a travel writer and former editor of Wanderlust magazine whose favourite places in the world tend to be inaccessible by car.

Chris Leadbeater

Chris is a full-time travel journalist and an expert on the USA, who to date, has visited 35 of the 50 states.

Sarah Siese

Sarah created the Holiday: Heaven on Earth series in 2001. Since then, she’s travelled the world in search of adventure with her three daughters (now teenagers) in tow.

Abi Butcher

Abi specialises in ski, adventure and health travel, writing for a host of national publication and happiest on the water or up a mountain.

Abi Campbell

Abi is a writer/photojournalist and a regular contributor to Family Traveller, exploring with her children, Ellis and Jemima.

David Atkinson

Family Traveller contributor David Atkinson has two girls, Maya, 8, and Olivia, 4. They spend half the week with him and he regularly travels with them as a single dad. WHAT'S YOU FAVOURITE HOLIDAY DESTINATION AS A FAMILY? We’re always looking for new ideas and I love sharing my own…