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Travel Sized Buggy

Last updated 6th June 2017

A new buggy fresh from the USA has just landed on British shores and it plans to make travelling with babies and toddlers a whole lot easier.

Babyzen YOYO

The new Babyzen YOYO is the first travel buggy to comply with those tideous baggage restrictions that lovely low-cost airlines inflict on us. Rather than lugging a cumbersome pushchair up and down stairs as you make your way through the airport, before folding it up, adding a tag and then having to wait for it at the other end (or even worse, having to check it in), this new buggy folds up so small it will fit in over-head compartments. 

Not only that, but coming in at only 5.8kg the featherweight is light enough to fling over your shoulder – made easy with the handy detachable strap. 


The lowdown 

Size: When folded the buggy is 52x44x18 cm

Weight: 5.8kg

Age: Suitable from 6 months up, for weights up to 15kg

Colours: It comes in five colours; blue, pink, red, black and grey, with black or white frames. 

Cost: £309

Features: It has four-wheel suspension; an exclusive ‘soft-drive’ system, so there’s no need to lock the front swivel wheel even on rough terrain; and a reclinable backrest, which is removable and washing machine-friendly. 

Accessories: A cup holder, footmuffs and parasols are all available for the buggy.