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Travel Insurance for Grandparents

Last updated 6th June 2017

Travelling with grandparents can be great for everyone but don’t forget they’ll need insurance just like the rest of the family.

Travel insurance companies 


So long as you have permission to fly from your doctor, AllClear covers you for just about any condition or disability. 


This online insurer specialises in specific travel insurance for those over 65. In fact, it provides cover to travellers of any age – whether they are over 65, 70 or even 90.


As a company that specialises in travel insurance for anyone up to the age of 100, it offers good value to older people, particularly those over 90.

As always, it’s important to shop around. Though the choice is narrower than for younger people, it’s still worth seeing who can offer the best deal.

I’d advise talking to a specialist broker; details of which can be found at

Savvy Seniors 

Travelling with grandparents can be great for everyone – kids get to spend time with their extended family and parents get free babysitters – but, like everyone, they’ll need travel insurance.

The older you get, though, the more of a risk insurers consider you to be, so the premiums go up and up… In fact, many insurers won’t even offer policies to anyone over the age of 75 – however healthy they are. 

However, there are several specialist insurers that have started to service the increasing numbers of older travellers.