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Top Tips for Travelling by Ferry

Last updated 2nd June 2017

There’s a whole host of reasons to travel by ferry rather than plane, train or automobile, and Discover Ferries tells us why.

Booking your ferry trip 

Price: When travelling by ferry you usually book a ticket for a car and up to five passengers. The price will depend on the size of the car, not the number of passengers.

Booking: All ferry operators have easy-to-use and straightforward online booking systems.

Some ferry operators will also have accommodation packages. This is worth checking as they will offer good value for money. 

Some will also offer the option to book a day cabin – even on the short crossings (although not from Dover to Calais). This is a great option for a baby or toddler to be able to have their nap undisturbed. 

What to pack: Ferries have no baggage restrictions (apart from the size of your car) so you can pack as much as you like – whether that involves a tent, a picnic for the family, twenty bottles of wine, a bicycle or even the family dog. 

During the ferry crossing 

Pack the baby kit: Remember to take everything you will need during the crossing separately as you won’t be able to go back to your car while you’re in transit.

Visit the lounge, or VIP space: Some ferry companies will sell access to these areas for a very sensible price – you will then have a quiet area to relax, have a snack or a drink while the children discover the ship or enjoy the play and games area.

Entertainment: WiFi is available on board most ships.

Movies and entertainments are available and accessible for the whole family.

Activities: A ferry is a safe place with a lot of space for children to explore and move around in relative freedom which can only increase their sense of adventure. 

Disembarking the ferry 

You can go down to your car as soon as the ferry has docked. If you have young children, make sure to head down as early as possible as the car deck can get a bit busy at disembarkation time. You will then have time to make sure everything and everyone is packed up safely in the car.

Fasten seatbelts, drive down the ramps and hit the open road to your destination.

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