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VIDEO: How to pack 200 items for family of 4 in ONE case!

Last updated 26th April 2019

4 people, 2oo items, 1 suitcase

A family beach holiday is one of the highlights of the year, but packing can be the stuff of nightmares.

What if it was possible to pack for mum, dad and two kids, in one just one suitcase? To prove it can be done, mum and blogger, Travel Mad Mum, has teamed up with holiday provider On the Beach, to make an astonishing packing tutorial. Travel Mad Mum, aka Karen Edwards, 33, from London, has travelled the world with her children and picked up plenty of packing hacks along the way.

Here, Karen shows you how to fit a whopping 200 items into one suitcase for a week-long holiday. Even better, the packed case still weighs under 20kg, which means she won’t be slapped with any fees for exceeding luggage weight restrictions:

[youtube id=”dm6S-ITivTc”]

More packing hacks:

  1. Roll clothes – this squeezes out air and minimises gaps between items
  2. Stuff shoes – the perfect space for socks, chargers and small items
  3. Layer up on the plane – airplanes can be chilly, plus you’ll save space in your case
  4. Use miniatures for toiletries – they take up less space and reduce the weight of your case
  5. Pack shoes inside shower caps
  6. Prevent liquids from bursting by placing clingfilm between bottle and cap