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Navigating Airport Security

Last updated 5th June 2017

What extra allowances do we have at airport security when travelling with babies and toddlers?

Pushchairs and carseats 

These are allowed through security and don’t affect your baggage allowance. And you don’t have to struggle through the airport with hand-luggage and a wriggling child as you can take a pushchair right to the gate where it will be stowed in the hold and returned when you land.

It is possible to take a baby in a car seat on the flight, but best check with individual airlines as there are restrictions and you may have to pay for an extra seat.


Parents can take enough milk, including soya and breast milk, baby food and sterilised water (which must be transported in baby bottles) for the journey, but you may be asked to taste-test it.

Most UK airports sell ready-made formula airside, which is allowed on planes in larger quantities, and which you can reserve online to collect before you fly at shops such as Boots and Superdrug.