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Money saving websites for travellers

Last updated 8th June 2017

Who doesn’t love saving money? Financial expert Jasmine Birtles rounds up the best cost-cutting websites for travelling families.

Travelling can be a costly business, but there are a number of websites that can save you money. From comparing prices to tips on saving money once you’re abroad, these websites are vital browsing for family travellers keen to keep costs down. Of course, you will already have heard of some of the big ones, such as TripAdvisor, andSkyscanner, but there are more and more handy niche sites that offer you deals and tips that no one else knows about.Here are some of our favourites. is a great site for finding cheap parking all over the UK and now parts of Europe and the USA. It puts drivers in touch with people and businesses that have a free parking space or garage. It has a lot of members who live near airports and train stations so you can park your car for much less than the airport or station car parks charge and, in some cases, the driveway owners will pick up your car and drive you to the airport. It’s also handy for people who would like to make some extra cash from their space. If you live in the middle of a city or near a sports ground or other area where parking is at a premium, rent your drive or garage to other drivers. is great for parents who are planning to take their little ones to a Disneyland resort or a Disney-themed attraction. The site is full of information on saving as much money as possible at the Disney parks and it provides a whole range of discounts, including money off getting into the parks and codes to make buying food and drink cheaper. helps you find the cheapest flights, hotels and tours. Its search engine is specific and well-designed so you can find exactly what you are looking for and, if there’s something that you particularly want to do while you’re on holiday, you can speak to a Travelbag consultant who will tailormake a holiday to suit you. Travelbag also promises to price match if you find the same holiday or flight for less. Call 0845 872 7589 to speak to a Travelbag specialist is jammed full of money-saving tips and helpful travel advice. The site has detailed guides to all your basic travel budget needs, including information about air travel, cruises and car rental. It also has guides to individual destinations highlighting opportunities for saving money in that specific area, as well as an up-to-date list of current travel deals. allows people to bypass the cost of accommodation altogether by letting people exchange homes for an agreed period of time. You might fret that your house isn’t big or alluring enough, but you would be surprised how many people want to holiday in all parts of the UK. With more than 50,000 members in 150 countries, it’s well worth giving it a try even if you’re planning a UK holiday. It’s particularly good for families because it cuts down massively on hotel or villa costs, and if you swap with another family, you can even exchange cars and toys if both sides agree. is a comprehensive comparison site that allows you to compare not only hotels and airport parking, but also a whole host of extras such as airport lounges, holiday insurance, port parking and rail travel. It also has exclusive special offers, including the guarantee that if you find the same parking space for less within 24 hours of booking with Holidayextras you can park with them for free. researches, evaluates and tests thousands of travel deals to see which ones are really worth your money. Every week it has a rundown of the top 20 deals on the internet, so it is a good website to check out if you’re thinking about booking a holiday. It’s the best I’ve found for last-minute deals on package holidays. If you’re willing to leave it until the last minute (the day before or the week before you go), you can get packages that would normally cost thousands for a fraction of the price. is well worth checking out if you are preparing for an adventurous holiday and need some hiking gear. There are lots of online offers on items such as walking boots, waterproof jackets, airbeds and even tents. A much cheaper option than specialist camping shops. recognises that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do without our gadgets when we’re on holiday. Things such as a wireless iPhone charging mat and protection for your gadgets are all things worth thinking about before you jet off. Holidaygadgets caters for all your holiday gadgetry needs and investing in some of this equipment may well save you money in the long run. allows you to find travel destinations and deals at the lowest prices. If you can find the same deal cheaper anywhere else, Viator will refund the difference. It is also great for guides. For each of the destinations you can choose from, there is a free online guide that provides you with a map, tells you what’s happening now, points out the top attractions and gives Viator’s personal recommendations. 

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