Travel tips

Looking after Babies Ears

Last updated 3rd January 2017

Worried about your baby’s ears popping? The good news is that lots don’t feel any discomfort but here’s some advice just in case.


If your child has a cold or an ear infection, it’s more likely that they will feel discomfort, so take them to the doctor just to make sure everything is ok.

Many parents travelling for the first time with babies are worried about ear pain, especially if this is something they have experienced themselves.

The good news is that a lot of babies don’t appear to feel any discomfort due to changes in air pressure.

But just in case, we have a few tips to help minimise stress for you both.


Feed your baby or give them something to suck on during take off and landing, to help equalise the pressure.

It will help keep them distracted and calm during these periods, as well as hydrated, which is key on flights. ??

Wake your baby at least 40 minutes to an hour before you land. This is so they are awake at the ‘top’ of the descent.

And if your baby does experience discomfort during landing, crying will actually help them relieve the pain and pop their ears, so ignore the angry faces around you and leave them to it.