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Long haul travel food tips from Ellas Kitchen

Last updated 5th June 2017

If you’re off in search of some winter sun, the chances are you will be flying for a good few hours. Air travel with a little one can be a daunting prospect, but Claire Baseley helps to make your journey stress free.

Packing for the journey

If you’re formula feeding, it’s easier to use ready-made formula in cartons – you can warm this up in a travel bottle warmer or ask the cabin crew to heat it up for you.

A plane is a new environment for your little one, so bring some recognisable bowls and spoons from home, along with favourite foods to put your child at ease.

You checklist for the flight:
• Homemade food in re-sealable containers
• Favourite baby food pouches
• Cool bag for freshness
• Bibs
• Lots of wipes
• Muslins to catch spills
• Plastic bags
• Water for sipping
• Familiar bowls and spoons

Up in the air

If your child is ready for finger food, there are lots of foods that can keep little hands and mouths busy while avoidingmess.

Here are some ideas:

• Small sandwiches, filled pittas and wraps (check out the recipe, left)
• Raw pepper and cucumber sticks
• Breadsticks
• Chopped fruit
• Cooked pasta shapes
• Blanched veggies

The air on the plane is very dry so make sure you take plenty of water (cooled boiled water for babies) and encourage little ones to sip frequently. Offering drinks and snacks during take-off and descent encourages sucking and chewing, which can relieve the pain in little ears. With a little preparation and patience, air trips with your little ones can be a breeze.
Claire Baseley is a registered nutritionist specialising in baby and children’s nutrition. She is also the nutritionist at Ella’s Kitchen.


Airline restrictions on food and drink

Airline restrictions on liquids in hand baggage don’t apply to food or milk for babies. This includes:

Expressed breast milk, formula or cows’ milk
Boiled water to make up a feed (in a baby bottle)
Baby food and finger foods

So you can take as much as you need for the journey – and it’s better to be over-prepared than have to rely on vending machines in the airport if you’re delayed.

Remember, you might be asked to taste any food and drink for your baby at security.