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How to find cheap tickets to Wimbledon

Last updated 5th June 2017

Whether Wimbledon has been on your bucket list for years or your family has just decided to go, tickets for the world-famous lawn tennis tournament can be hard to find, and even harder on the wallet. Don’t panic, though, because thanks to the tips and tricks below, this year Wimbledon promises to be a fun and inexpensive family affair.

Buy tickets online

Debenture tickets is the only site where tickets that can be officially transferred to another buyer. The website started in 2006 and specialises in Wimbledon tickets. All the tickets sold on their site are authentic, and while £6,800 for a pair of seats at the Men’s Final is a little out of our price range, you can find tickets for a competitive price.

Websites like Viagogo and Stub Hub also sell last minute Wimbledon tickets and people desperate to unload their unused tickets often use these sites so they don’t lose out. Their tragedy can be your victory.

In 2014, 48 hours before the matches started, Ticketmaster resold tickets that had been returned. We suggest you check regularly online to see what they have to offer.


People queue for tickets to Wimbledon 2015 – the perfect excuse to catch some rays

Camp in the queue

Not all camping has to involve nature; plus, nature doesn’t reward you with Andy Murray. Joining the long queue also doesn’t mean it has to be a miserable experience. So bring your tents, camping chairs, sleeping bags, and pillows – you certainly won’t be the only ones settling down for a long wait, so you may as well make the time in the queue fun for the whole family.

Abolish queue boredom

  • Pack a picnic (please include obligatory strawberries and cream)
  • Play family games like 20 questions or I spy
  • Bring an activity bag; include plenty of pencils and paper for games like hangman and naughts-and-crosses. Also include art supplies like play dough, pipe cleaners, coluoring books, crayons and puzzles
  • Encourage the kids to bring a couple of their favorite toys
  • Remember that this is a unique activity that offers quality time and an unforgettable experience

Grab a ground pass

Not in the mood to stay overnight? Think your kids are a little two fidgety to sit through a match? Even if you answered yes to both these questions, it doesn’t mean you have to miss Wimbledon this year. Getting a ground pass is a cheap and fun way to enjoy the matches. Enthusiasts are allowed to join a queue a few hours before the grounds open at 9:30 am. If you want to get a really good spot, the earlier you arrive the better. The tickets are also first come first serve so keep that in mind when deciding your arrival time.

Seek out return tickets

Once you are at the grounds, head for the resale ticket kiosk. The booth sells reduced price tickets that have been returned by people leaving early. The tickets are sold from 3pm till close and the prices are surprisingly reasonable. The money made from the resold tickets goes to charity so you get to watch tennis knowing it’s for a good cause.

Just swing by

Some of us just don’t want to plan ahead and that is okay too. If the sun is out, there is a good chance that matches will still be going late into the night. Stopping by around 6pm or later might not be a bad idea since the entrance cost into the grounds after 5pm is reduced – a perfect approach for laid-back families.

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