Travel tips

Coping with Travel Sickness

Last updated 3rd January 2017

Our tips for beating travel sickness. Don’t miss out on family holidays because of it, there are plenty of treatments to deal with the nausea.


Hyoscine is the most common and effective medicine for preventing travel sickness, it is found in Kwells and Joy Rides, which you can buy over the counter. Give it to your child 30 minutes before travelling, it lasts up to six hours.


For severe cases, children over 10 can use Hyoscine patches, such as Scopoderm. This needs to be applied to the skin five or six hours before travelling and works for up to 72 hours but there are possible side effects, such as drowsiness and dry-mouth.


Antihistamines are another option and work in the same way as the Hyoscine. They may also make your child drowsy, but let’s be honest, on a long journey this could be a blessing in disguise.


Ginger can be effective, if you’d rather go down the natural route. For younger children have a stash of ginger biscuits or crystallised ginger, while older ones may be able to manage ginger tea.


Sucking mints, such as Polos, and taking small sips of water can help to settle the stomach.



It’s often worse in the morning and your child may not feel like eating breakfast but it’s important for them to have something. We suggest something small like a piece of toast or plain biscuit. Avoid milk.


Acupressure bands are a contentious issue, some think they are psychosomatic and they don’t work for everyone. But even if it is a case of mind over matter, the mind is a powerful tool, even that of a five year old.


Some people have found that sitting on newspaper is effective – it is thought to break up the static generated by the movement of the vehicle.


Sitting in the front of a car or being able to see out of a window, not reading or playing video games all help with nausea.


Focus on the horizon or something stationary, if you’re on a boat.


Distraction is key. Try storybooks or games for the whole family that involve looking out of the window.